August 1, 2016 · Securus · (No comments)

Securus Technologies, a Dallas, Texas based civil and criminal justice technology company, as noted by Wikipedia, recently released that they will be delivering the public with the information about the misbehavior and misconduct of Global Tel Link over the next six months. Due to the connection of industries, Global Tel Link being an inmate communication provider, Securus Technologies refuses to allow Global Tel Link destroy the integrity of the field due to their wrongdoings.
“It offends me and our entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity bar that most other carriers have,” spoke out Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, “but GTL [Global Tel Link] does not.”
From this, Securus Technologies has chosen to both interrogate the issues and report them. The first case revolves around an order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Throughout examination, Global Link Tel has been found adding 15 or 36 seconds to phone call’s duration, adding higher rates to phone calls above the rate caps, inflated chargers to their customers, and billed customers more than once for a single call. In addition, these overcharges were proven deliberate and have cost taxpayers over $1 million.
While this order occurred roughly 18 years ago, Securus Technologies felt required to report it since the incident caused a lack of integrity and the wrongdoings continue to occur. Smith noted, “that represents atrocious behavior on the part of a significant carrier in our sector, and I will not allow such a pattern of these actions to go unnoticed. Time does not dissipate what the Louisiana Public Service Commission said that GTL did.”
In all, Securus Technologies has felt obliged to report the misbehavior and misconducts committed by Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies stands firmly on the principles of integrity and feel that Global Tel Link has soiled this. Due to this, Securus Technologies continues to work at restoring the integrity of the prison technology industry.