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You cannot deny that the world is fast changing from analogue to digital. Individuals are increasingly taking in digital content each day on mobile phones, laptops and desktop at work, and much more. Institutions that have not yet picked this in their marketing strategies should adapt fast. They can seek help from companies such as white shark media that offer solutions for online marketing particularly for small-scale and medium businesses.

White Shark Media is a preeminent Digital Marketing company that was founded in the year 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs with an immense amount of knowledge and experience in both offline and online marketing. It has been spotted as one of the rapid growing digital agencies in the Northern America. White shark media’s growth is deduced from their reputation of engineering cost-efficient Search Marketing campaigns when rendering a world-beating customer experience. Their goal was to capture the arising SMB market in the United States and Latin America by offering great product and service that was unheard-of

White shark media’s once ‘boutique agency’ has assisted many companies all over the Americas to spring up their businesses by utilising their online marketing manoeuvres and the suite of proprietorship marketing tools.

Another main component of white shark media’s formula for success is trailing all their clients’ marketing attempts in great detail. Having keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integrating, competitive intelligence and proprietorship reporting software, they ensure that they are amply accountable to all their customers each month. Some of the white shark media’s services include the following

Pay per Click Management services

  • Ad Words Valuation Risk – Free evaluation
  • Local Website and Ad Words – An original site with cost-effective monthly price
  • Local Ad Words Management – on click-to-call and call trailing
  • E-business Ad Words Management – Google Analytics and Google Shopping campaigns
  • Bing Ads Management –The service helps in hitting 29% of individuals on US search engines
  • PPC Management –Bing Ads and Google AdWords
  • Display AdWords Management – It aims at the users on applicable websites

Search Engine Optimisation services

Web Development services

  • Local Business Website – It is responsively designed and conversion-optimized
  • Logo Design – The logo is drawn using the graphic designer’s hands
  • Webmaster Service – The service involves continuous security and sustenance

Most of the clients that have utilised white shark media services include E-commerce Store from the USA. They say that they have noticed an increase in new customers. Another company from Florida states that they have heightened their sales from their PPC attempts. E-commerce store also tells that their conversion volume has grown by 20% every month.