Dr. Sergio Cortes recently assessed the current outbreak of the Zika virus and African and Asian countries. The Zika virus is rapidly spreading throughout these countries. Initially, it was spread through the bite of certain mosquitos that are native to the African and Asian environments. Now, however, the disease can also be transmitted through sexual contact. Several cases of the disease have been proven to have been transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids during sex. The disease has been proven to cause mild symptoms such as fevers and rashes, but can also cause potentially life-altering conditions such as microcephaly and Guillain Barre syndrome. Microcephaly, a serious condition that causes abnormally small and underdeveloped brains in children, has been linked to pregnant mothers who contract the disease. Guillain Barre disease, Dr. Cortes reports, is an auto-immune disease that can have equally serious repercussions for infected patients.

To better inform readers of the nature and spread of the Zika virus, Dr. Sergio Cortes selected a few key topics that were slightly debatable because of the small amount of research that has been conducted on the subject.
While it was originally thought that the Zika virus was not contagious and could only be transmitted though an insect bite, recent research has proven that the disease can also be transmitted through sexual contact between to people. The disease is not air borne or contracted in any way other than through mosquito bites and sexual transmission. The mosquito that is responsible for transmitting the virus also is responsible for the transmission of chikungunya and dengue fever, diseases which cause fevers and joint pain. The Zika virus is slightly different, however, from dengue fever and chikungunya fever due to the fact that a mosquito who is not infected with the virus can become infected by biting a human hosts who is infected. The mosquito can then transmit the disease to other otherwise healthy humans. This strange capability causes the disease to spread even more rapidly than its counterparts normally would.
Dr. Sergio Cortes described the mosquito that transmits these diseases. The Aedes aegypti (the name of the mosquito) naturally migrates to an adequate water supply for laying eggs. This creates an opportunity for these mosquitos to make a large amount of breeding spaces. These breeding spaces, in turn, create an abundance of these mosquitos which sustains the spread of the disease. For more information about Dr. Sergio Cortes’ discussion of the Zika Virus, visit his personal website here to read the original article.

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There are many celebrity impersonators in the world today. This profession has turned into a very big business for the people who are good enough to get hired on a regular basis. Elvis is the most commonly impersonated celebrity. However, the number of Michael Jackson impersonators has risen dramatically since the singer passed away. Sergio Cortes is widely considered to be the best of the best as far as impersonating the king of pop is concerned. Cortes has come a long way since his very humble upbringing. He is now famous around the world for impersonating one of the world’s most beloved entertainers.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not the life ambition of Cortes to become a Michael Jackson impersonator. In fact, he has admitted that he did not even know people made a living impersonating celebrities until he was around 20 years old. Cortes has admitted to being a fan of Jackson’s music as a youth. However, he would never imagine in his wildest dreams that one day he and Jackson would be linked so closely. Cortes grew up in Spain. He learned English by listening to American pop music. As time went by, Cortes noticed that something very strange was happening. Cortes was slowly beginning to look like Jackson. This was as a result of the treatments Jackson was undergoing to lighten his skin. Eventually, people began to confuse Cortes for Jackson when he went out in public.

Cortes was surprised by all of the attention at first. He knew that he had been blessed with a very unique opportunity. It was now just a question of finding out the right way to take advantage of it. Cortes began to get requests to show up at various parties and public events dressed as Jackson. He did this part-time and made a very good living in the process. He eventually decided to take things to the next level and become a Michael Jackson impersonator full-time. However, he knew that simply dressing and looking like Jackson would not be enough to get people to pay top dollar to hire him. He then began to take singing and dancing lessons. He learned the complex choreography to all of Jackson’s most legendary videos. After many months of practice, Cortes began to perform concerts where he would sing and dance like Jackson. These concerts have been a huge hit and made him internationally famous.

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Sergio Cortes is capturing the imaginations of many fans around the world from Brazil with his impersonation of Michael Jackson. If there is anything that is needed, it is a passion to do what is needed. Sergio Cortes has that passion. One thing that compels a person to succeed at what he wants is passion. If one is passionate about something, he is going to spend a lot of time pursuing what it is he is passionate about. He is going to take the time studying and learning about the object of his passion. Then when he has mastered enough about his passion, then he is ready to capitalize on it and make a career.

Sergio Cortes is very passionate not just about Michael Jackson, but impersonating Michael Jackson. He was one of the biggest fans of the star when he made tons of amazing works for the audience to enjoy. Like many others who have experienced his tours, he was amazed by the dance moves and the creativity that went into the work being done for the performances. He got to enjoy many of the performances, the albums, the history and other aspects of Michael Jackson that made him what he is, and then he became that.

He has listened to and studied every song of every album that Michael Jackson has produced. He has looked at every era of late star. He has practiced all of the moves and has utilized every bit of creativity and passion in order to bring the late performer back to life. With all of the practice that he has put into his craft, it is only expected that he actually becomes Michael Jackson. If one asks him to perform any song created by Michael Jackson, he would manage it very well. He could also sing any song in the style of Michael Jackson.

Even though Sergio Cortes is impersonating someone else, his real talent is in the impersonation. His ability to capture every bit of essence of someone that he is impersonating speaks volumes of his talent. While there are many copycats that try to imitate the great stars but fall flat, very few take it to a new level like Sergio Cortes did. Many people are not just excited to see Michael Jackson performing, but they are also curious about the man behind the resurrection of late musical icon, Michael Jackson.

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One cannot help but wonder how one of the most iconic performers of the late 20th Century would have looked like had he not gone through uncountable plastic surgery procedures. That put aside, there is one individual who continues to amaze the world with his striking semblance that has many of the millions of MJ enthusiasts in awe. Sergio Cortes is a man of Spanish origin and thus has no hereditary linkages with the King of Pop who was born to a musically endowed African American family.

It is common to find entertainers mimic Michael Jackson signature dance moves with great finesse. However, it is nigh impossible to expect one to have the looks, liquid dance moves and vocal cords that defined Michael Jacksons. Sergio Cortes as with any MJ impersonator is the pop icon’s most loyal fan. Born in Spain, Cortes was introduced to MJ at a tender age by his mother who similarly adores MJ to a great extent. He stands out from other Michael Jackson impressionists in that he can also sing like the fallen icon and most importantly, looks like him to the most intricate of detail.

As such, rumor has it that a photographer approached him once in Barcelona and asked him to pose for pictures as MJ’s double. Magazine and newspaper publishers all over Spain were so amazed at his resemblance to the King of Pop that Sergio became an overnight sensation. Not only did he exhibit Michaels’ looks but his physique as well. Over the years, he has trained immensely to closely match his vocals to those of MJ. Being a naturally endowed dancer, Sergio worked effortlessly to be as fluid as Michael Jackson. To date, there is no one else in the world who keeps the millions of Michael Jackson fans excited as Sergio Corte.

It is important to note that Sergio Cortes has his own entertainment group complete with backup singers, dancers and a live band. Sergio and his group travel all over the globe offering MJ’s countless fans, an opportunity to see MJ alive again. His live performances are exquisitely prepared to detail to ensure that all the visual and audio effects enable fans relive the good old days when Michael Jackson actively performed on stage. If there is ever to be a movie on MJ’s life, Sergio Cortes would undoubtedly be MJ’s perfect double.