A South Carolina woman who has a previous criminal record has taken a plea deal in a case involving White House security. She had tried to illegally enter the White House according to the charges pressed against her.

The situation took place on July 4th. The woman named Alicia Keppler is from Spartanburg, South Carolina. This is not even the first time that this 32 year old woman has tried to get into the White House. She has had previous run-ins in similar cases. She was also accused of trying to do pretty much the same thing in March 2016.

She seems to like a bike rack security gate near the White House. She often jumps over that rack and is quickly apprehended by the Secret Service. The last time she attempted to do this it seems like she was trying to get in the White House Easter Egg Hunt.

Her guilty plea probably keeps her from the worst possible consequences that could have come her way. Her sentencing is set for September 19th. She faces as much as one year in prison and fines for what she did.

What she did is a very serious crime, but she isn’t considered much of a threat. She is always taken very quickly by the Secret Service who is trained to handle this type of thing.

In this particular case it does not seem that this woman has a particular political agenda. She has tried to scale the fence when both President Obama was in office and now with President Trump in office. Given that, it is an oddity indeed why she continues to do the same thing over and over. The results she gets are always the same. This case of a South Carolina resident may make some people laugh, but it couldn’t be more serious of a charge.