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Michel Terpins, the undefeated rally car race driver

Rally racing is one of the most adrenaline-filled events. Taking part involves a need and passion for speed as well as a chunk of courage. Like any other sport, competition is what drives the participants and the need to push themselves beyond what they are already capable of continually. Rally racing, however, is known to be more competitive than any other sport. Maintaining a winning streak is the hardest thing to do and is very rare. However, a racer like Michel Terpins is an exception to this fact. He has been able to hold his first rank in almost all races that he has been involved in from the beginning of his career as a rally racing driver.

The name Terpins is a somewhat famous name in rally racing in Brazil. The Terpins are known enthusiasts of not only racing but also all kinds of sporting events including basketball which was their father’s career. Michel took after his brother Rodrigo in this passion. The thirty-nine-year-old, however, did not begin as a rally driver like his brother but as a motorcycle racer. He then joined Rodrigo as a navigator in the car racing events. With his brother’s training and his passion, Michel has grown into an impressive racer with an outstanding career. Together, the two brothers have been able to take on prestigious races and perform outstandingly and create a reputation and respect for themselves in Brazil. Together they have won the Brazilian Championship as well as the Mitsubishi rally challenge.

According to Michel, the most exciting part of racing cars is not just the adrenaline and the quest for speed but the chance to drive some of the best vehicles there is. He currently drives the T-Rex which is one of the best modern cars with high technology and a V8 engine that is just right for his desire to explore varying topographies and can withstand the pressure of rough roads.

Michel Terpin is a co-founder of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team which is now a famous and respected racing team in the history of Brazilian car racing. The two are set to compete in the twenty-fifth annual category T1 prototype championships.