In 2013 the Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth seemed to have it all with an impressive place of employment and an active lifestyle that made him the envy of almost every person in the world.

However, the life of Andy Wirth quickly changed when his regular pastime of skydiving took an unwanted turn with Wirth crashing into a vineyard and being left with life threatening injuries;

Wirth called on all his skills as a park ranger and former volunteer firefighter to keep himself calm and free from shock as he waited for assistance to arrive.

According to Crowdrise, Andy Wirth has made almost a full recovery from his injuries and was named the 2014 Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA. The return to full fitness has seen Wirth challenge himself to return to many of the activities he loved before his injury took hold, such as ironman competitions he now competes in to raise funds for various charitable organizations.

The growth of interest in ironman competitions has led to Wirth hosting competitions at Squaw Valley and looking to inspire others with his own return to fitness. Read more: Andy Wirth –

along with his return to the activities he loved prior to his injury, Andy Wirth has also see a return to work that looks set to provide major rewards for the community he lives in around the Olympic Valley region Andy Wirth calls home.

Helping the community has seen Wirth look to change the way Squaw Valley develops in the coming years, the CEO has involved local people in decisions regarding how this historic ski resort changes in the future. In a bid to assist the local community Andy Wirth has included in his development plan a higher level of salary to be paid to those working at the resort as he looks to the future of Olympic Valley as a whole. Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

Alongside the work he completes as the head of Squaw Valley Andy Wirth is also looking to develop the Reno-Tahoe Airport with increased numbers of flights and visitors arriving at the airport through his role as the Chair of the Authority Board.