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Gregory James Aziz is the CEO and President of North America’s only ISO 9001:2008 certified rail car manufacturing and engineering company. Greg J. Aziz, 68, attended the Ridley Business College in London before pursuing his bachelor’s degree in economics degree at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Affiliated Foods Inc.,

Greg’s family owned a fresh foods imports company, Affiliated Foods. Mr. James Aziz was fortunate to land a job at the fresh food wholesaler in the early 70’s. Here, the visionary entrepreneur sharpened his business acumen and skills to take on future challenges. Through hard work and strategizing, the family transformed Affiliated Foods from a local company into a global industry. In less than 20 years, the food supplies company had firmly cemented their place as a leading entity not just in the US and Canada, but in South, and Central America and Europe as well.

Building National Steel Car

In 1994, Mr. Aziz was fortunate to stumble upon an investment opportunity that culminated in him buying National Steel Car. By then, National Steel Car had been reduced to a shell of what once used to be a great-railroad-cars manufacturing company. Greg purchased the company with the sole intentions of restoring the crumbling Canadian company to its former glory. The veteran investor knew all too well the huge challenges that lay ahead. To revitalize the almost defunct engineering firm, Aziz needed to build a professional team of engineers, financial experts, and other support staff. He was also required to inject massive capital into National Steel Car to get it back on its feet. And, that’s exactly what Greg James Aziz did.

Production Rises

National Steel Car started showing signs of improvement soon after Greg took over. Previously, the railcars manufacturer used to build around 3,500 freight cars per year. In five years, Mr. Aziz re-organized the manufacturing firm and it produced close to 12,000 quality freight cars per year.

Safe and Secure Railcars

National Steel Car has remained true to its core values of delivering strong and safe rail tankers. This company builds products that are in full compliance with the enacted safety and transportation regulations. The firm is keen to adopt innovative technology solutions to ensure their manufacturing processes don’t end up adversely affecting the environment. The 100-year old railcar engineering facility continues to raise the bar and standards in the essential railroad industry. The company stands out from its peers and competitors owing to their fast-turnaround time. With National Steel Car, delayed shipments are a non-issue.