Many people in the social world know Desiree as someone who is a strong negotiator. That is why she has been good in business, and many individuals who have worked with her have become successful in their business. Many people have sought her services because of her hard work and dedication. A good example is Jay-Z who owns a company called Tidal. Desiree has worked with Sean Carter for years, and through all those years they have had a good working relationship.




Desiree has characteristics of an entrepreneur and knows all it takes for a business to thrive. It is the reason why Tidal is now doing well and competing against other giants in the music streaming business such as Sony and Spotify. Her reputation comes from the many years of experience working in leadership positions and managing activities. She owns a company and therefore has excellent managerial skills. She has also collaborated with other top artists such as Rihanna, helping them in negotiation for deals. Desiree is also reputable for the success of Beyoncé’s album, Lemonade. With that reputation, Jay-Z knew that the tough lady would take the company to places.


Good Working Relationship


Desiree has been working with Jay-Z for many years, and because of her hard work, Jay-Z has achieved a lot of things in the business world. Juan Perez marries her, and together they run another company owned by Jay-Z called Roc Nation Sports. That good working relationship is what has enabled her and the hip-hop star to achieve great things. Now the competitors such as Apple Music and iTunes have to work hard if they are to remain at the top.


Quality Services


However, for a music company such as Tidal, it is important to maintain the quality of services so that you can compete with others in the business. Jay-Z decided to offer enough pay to the musicians who are signed to Tidal and at the same time providing quality music. Fans are attracted to some of the top albums in the music industry such as Life of Pablo by Kanye West.