A busker is a street performer who generally plays music and depends on donations from the public.

The city of London is rolling out a cashless system called “Tap-to-Pay” to help talented individuals earn more money in a culture where most folks don’t carry cash or even spare change on them anymore. The Verge reported that London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan developed the project in participation with PayPal’s new payment service iZettle and the “Busk in London” organization.

The concept will be spread out across London’s 32 boroughs and involves quite the high-tech ingenuity.

The idea works like this: Street performers are outfitted with card readers that allow passersby to make a pre-set donation. They do that by simply tapping their payment devices (mobile wallet, tablet, etc.).

Buskers are delighted with the concept and believe it creates a domino effect. One busker who joined the trial to test the system, Charlotte Campbell, noted that when one person taps, it encourages others to do so. She believes it’s a worthy project, especially since it was created by city officials.

Mayor Khan calls it a win-win for the U.K.’s capital because it lets tourists and residents alike to appreciate the many street performers who entertain thousands daily.

The world has become a cashless society, and if buskers don’t find a way to keep up with the changing times, their art could become distinct. Many believe that iZettle’s tech-upgrade is the wave of the future.

iZettle has announced that their Tap-to-Pay system will soon be used for more charities and also be made available to small businesses.

iZettle is a fin-tech startup company from Sweden; PayPal recently shelled out $2.2 billion to buy it. It’s the largest acquisition PayPal has ever made. PayPal operates in 200 countries; this gives iZettle global recognition.