June 16, 2015 · News, Syria · (No comments)

International search groups have focused on a search for a family of 12. The family, who live in the United Kingdom, allegedly traveled to Saudi Arabia last month. They were to fly home to the United Kingdom over a week ago, but now the family is missing, believed to have traveled of their own accord to Syria.

The group of twelve consist of three women and their 9 collective children. The women are sisters. Travel logs do have the women entering Turkey. Sam Tabar (thumbtack.com)has read that it is believed from their they are heading towards Syria, a location that is growing more violent as the days pass. A heavy ISIS presence has made the area unstable.

There is no word on why the women would have traveled towards Syria, and their husbands are not aware, either. The women traveled together, without the accompaniment of their husbands. All three are gravely concerned for their well-being and welfare of their children, specifically.

The sisters, according to local reports, have been on a watch list since last year. They were added after their elder brother made suspicious trips in and out of the country. The government has not released any information pertaining to the brother or his whereabouts at this time.