August 7, 2017 · Seattle, Tech Market · (No comments)

Seattle, Washington is popular Pacific coast city that is located on the northwestern part of the country. This city is known for its grunge bands, sports teams, rainy weather, the Space Needle and technology market. That’s right. In case you did not know, Seattle now has the nation’s second-best technology market in the country.

Seattle’s move to the second-best technology market is no accident. Many tech companies and tech grads and employees have been relocating to Seattle for years. This city has recently overtaken Washington D.C. which is another major tech area. Many tech organizations and personnel have relocated to Seattle because of the projects that are taking place within this city and because of the talent. The city has a whopping 64% population that possesses a bachelor’s degree.

Many of people who possess this degree have some type of tech related certification. This is a huge amount of tech workers within the city. They are very educated and highly competent individuals that look to give Silicon Valley a run for its money.

While this might be true, Seattle still has a long way to go before it can replace the tech kingdom in San Francisco. Tech related jobs within the city also pay out close $60,000 a year. This is more than enough money for young professionals to live a comfortable life.

Companies such as Microsoft and Amazon are situated in and around Seattle. These two giants are more than responsible for pulling a lot of tech workers into the area. As more and more workers and businesses relocate here they are quickly helping the city to emerge as a powerhouse in the field of technology development. The complete story of Seattle’s rise to the nation’s second best tech city is available in GeekWire.