May 16, 2018 · The Circle City · (No comments)

The Circle City in the center of the Hoosier state, also known as Indianapolis gears up for the Indy 500 every May. While preparations for the race continue, the city geared up to receive visitors of a different kind early in May. 30 ambassadors from across four continents are expected to visit this city, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The ambassadors came to the city under the Experience America initiative. The second president Bush started the program in the hopes that it would boost investment and trade. The relatively new program has many ambassadors and diplomats come to cities across the United States as their guest.

The foreign dignitaries will not stay in town long enough to experience the Indy 500, although they may get to experience the thrills of the Indianopolis Gran Prix, which is also held at Motor City Speedway. Two days before the Gran Prix race occurs, each dignitary will be honored in front of a panel of business leaders on May 8. The Indy Chamber of Commerce plans to host the event and hopes that the business men will use the opportunity to increase diversity in their own businesses as well as learn from the cultural exchange opportunity. Dignitaries and business officials will get a chance to tour two major industrial facilities in Indianapolis. The plans include tours of the Cummins and Eli Lily manufacturing facilities.

The rest of Indianapolis will go about its business, likely not noting anything is happening. Many people in town are getting ready for the excitement offered by the Indy 500. Despite the name, the Indy 500 does not actually take place within the city borders. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is actually located in the nearby town of Speedway. However, the wise person who does not plan on seeing either race will leave the city on May 9.