January 28, 2018 · Chicago, Thomas Sierra · (No comments)

In May of 1995, Thomas Sierra, then 19 years old was convicted for a murder he did not commit. He is one of over 50 people who claim to have been set up by one police officer, a retired police detective named Reynaldo Guevara. Even though he filed a petition for a retrial 15 years ago, Sierra, now 44, completed the entire 2 decades long sentence and was released from prison back in November of 2017. He served on house arrest until this past Tuesday when he was cleared of all charges.

The night of the crime Noel Andujar was shot to death by a gunmen driving a tricked out Buick Park Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. A key witness to I.D. Sierra at the scene of the crime has since been recorded both in court and on several official statements claiming that Guevara coerced him to do so even after initially admitting to the detective that he only positive about the car and not about shooter. The Detective had tried to place Sierra at the scene of the crime by linking him to a similar car belonging to a friend, even though witnesses made statements denying it was the same as the one used by the shooter.

James Obbish, a Chicago based Judge cleared two additional defendants of charges last month in other murder cases the crooked cop was involved with. The men both claiming that he beat them into the signing of their false murder confessions. Over a dozen more defendants are awaiting their cases to be review in hopes of having the charges cleared.