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I was recently listening to an interview that Madeline Brand from Press Play did with Andy Wirth from squaw Valley. Many Californians have been worried about the drought in fact there has been 27% less water use from people in California and recent polls have proven that the drought is the most pressing issue on the mind of those Californians. Madeline did this interview with Mr. Wirth, to see how he felt about the drought issue, and to see how business did last year. Madeline asked him how they did and mentioned that many ski resorts ended their ski season early this year. Andy Wirth did not seem that worried, even though he did admit that it was a tough winter in all of the western United States because of the ridiculously resilient ridge. This ridge prevented low-pressure systems from coming onto the mountain. Because of that their sales were down 20% last year.

Even though the sales from Squaw Valley had gone down in the end their capital structure was solid. Wirth says that they have the ability to withstand changes like that for an inevitable amount of time. Wirth truly believes that it is the most important for them to position themselves for potential increases in the cold and snow. They had to make slight changes to their ski mileage acres last year, and they may have to do the same in the future years. Squaw Valley boast of six acres of land to ski on, and because of the shortage with the snow last year they had to go down to only using four of those acres. Squaw Valley is continuing in their efforts to get good at making snow, and they continue to change the way that they manage their snow as well.

Andy Wirth says that they have been working with meteorologist in from the Colorado University and they say that the resilient ridge might be absent in that last next year which means that it is very possible that next year will be a cold and snowy year. Despite the 20% down of the company this year Andy Wirth is still very positive about the future of squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth has been president of Squaw Valley for quite some time now. He has been involved in the ski industry for a significant part of his life. Wirth is an avid skydiver, and he also is a man that has won many awards for his community efforts when it comes to community service.

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When demanding the very best, make sure to consider the Dorchester Collection of hotels. Frequented by celebrities, each hotel offers its own exquisite accommodations.
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Beverly Hills
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