December 2, 2016 · Trouble for Laidlaw · (No comments)

Laidlaw & Company is a privately held investment firm in New York City. The company provides wealth management and investment banking services to high net worth individuals and institutional clients. Matthew D. Eitner runs the company as its CEO and James Ahern as the Managing Partner and the Head of Capital Markets.

Laidlaw’s Services

Laidlaw & Company services in the investment-banking sector include capital placement, debt and mezzanine capital placement, initial public offerings, acquisitions financing, mergers and financial restructuring. The professionals have in-depth knowledge of their U.S trading markets and AIM-listed transactions in UK’s financial markets. Laidlaw & Company is renowned for its sound investment advisories, portfolio management, and financial planning among others.

Relationship between Laidlaw and Relmada

Laidlaw & Company services earned them a role as Relmada’s investment banker. Relmada Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that develops drugs for pain treatment. The Company was involved in a discussion about the therapeutics firm performance and how to get more investors. Later in the year, the two companies developed some differences that saw Laidlaw send a letter to the Board as well as file a Schedule 13D with the SEC that disclosed some of the company’s confidential information.

Three Laidlaw’s principals sought the power to appoint most of the Relmada’s board members during their conflict resolution meeting with Relmada’s Board. Laidlaw later issued a press conference on December 5, 2015, declaring their full control of Relmada and their power to elect five directors.

Relmada’s Lawsuit

Relmada Therapeutics filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw and its principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern at Nevada District over the dissemination of false and misleading proxies. The pharmaceutical company has now filed a motion for the amendment of its complaint to include an additional legal claim on Laidlaw’s breach of the confidentiality rule. They also seek compensations for the monetary damages incurred while responding to the December 5, 2015, press release.