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The company is registered and operates under the guidelines of FCA. It has helped many firms in different parts of the world to streamline payment methods. Over the years, PSI has focused on developing several products for their clients which include debit and pre-paid cards. The firm has made it possible for its customers to make their financial transactions in 173 nations where 44 currencies are used. Some people are still confused about how digital wallets operate. Digital wallets have several similar features as the traditional accounts.


However, they are more convenient as they allow you to have your cash and other financial instruments in one place. The digital wallets ensure more security for your funds as you do not need to carry all your cards to perform a transaction.


The digital wallets are designed differently in different parts of the world depending on the varying customer needs. In Europe, the technology has gained prominence and most of the users use the digital wallets that have cash balances. The clients find them more convenient as they can hold several currencies that the users prefer. Once the customers have linked debit cards to their digital wallets, they can easily make withdrawals from ATMs.


In cases of disputes during payments, the wallet providers are involved in settling them. One of the main methods that most European users use to deposit funds into their digital wallets is the use of the traditional accounts. After the introduction of cryptocurrency in Europe, the traders embraced the digital wallets to enable them to use the funds in various shops and retail stores.


Some people have considered abandoning the traditional bank accounts, but it’s worth noting that they do not provide all the features of the conventional platform. After the introduction of the digital wallets, some companies closed some of their accounts and conduct their financial transactions through the technology. Over the years, different retailers and service providers have embraced mobile payment technology to facilitate the use of digital wallets. Some of the experts have urged different users to be cautious when transacting when they have large amounts of balances.


In European countries, there have been some legislative changes that are aimed at streamlining the use of digital wallets. For example, mobile wallets are now included in deposit insurance programs. The service providers are also required by the law to keep funds in secure bank accounts. Unlike in the traditional financial institutions, one cannot earn interest by saving their money in an online wallet.


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We take a look at the Brazil economic environment for the past five years, a place where financial counselors and executives like Cassio Audi have been highly influential.


The Brazilian economy has been experiencing a massive decrease in strength, the primary concern with this drop in resources and working force is one of the main concerns of Latin America because Brazil used to be a great economic power a few years ago. Brazilian economic growth has been suffering from a slow pace of around 7.5% in the last five years. The main struggle has come from the Banco Central do Brasil which has dramatically reduced inflation by dropping their interest rate from 11 to 7.25 percent. That’s why investors that come with a fresh set of ideas and hunger for success struggle to hit the jackpot due to the precarious economic atmosphere that spreads through the country right now.

Cassio Audi Group


These new investors always see themselves under the need of getting financial advice from many official financial counselors who tell them everything they need to know about the best investment opportunities. All financial advisors who can officially advise all the newbie investors are the main reason why the Brazilian economic market hasn’t completely died. It’s the work they put in the main reason why investors still regard Brazil as a place for growth opportunity.


That’s where outstanding financial investors such as Cassio Audi come into play; he has over 23 years of previous experience in the financial area. Cassio is a highly skilled and accomplished professional who is an expert in taking care of all issued linked to financial counseling. His work as a financial advisor has given him credit as the main contributor of many start-up companies, as well as public and private enterprises, multi-billion companies, and equity funds around the country. Cassio Audi s also officially experienced in accounting and financial management; he is a professional at decision support, controllership, growth strategy development, business planning, and even resource management.


Cassio Audi’s Experience


After studying a graduating from the University of Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Cassio also finished an MBA in Finance. He began his career as a trader back in 1992 at JP Morgan; then he joined Dow Chemical as a Senior Financial Analyst. In the past, Cassio has worked for prestigious firms such as Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc., Rossi Residencial, Gillette, Rossi Commercial Properties, and GVMI. Cassio is one of Brazil’s leading financial management executives who has outstanding skills in interpersonal relationships and communication. Audi is also incredibly results-driven which makes him a top professional in his area.


It’s people like Cassio Audi, the ones who have Brazil slowly getting back to the remarkable financial situation they were before the crisis that struck them a few years ago. Professionals like him are the main reason why Brazil as a country can be proud to say they are amongst the few hopes in Latin American countries from a financial standpoint. There is still a lot of work to be done in Brazil as an economic force, but with Cassio leading the resistance against every obstacle they can feel secure.

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The pelvic floor refers to a group of ligaments as well as muscles in the pelvic region. It acts as sling support to the organs in a person’s pelvic including the rectum, bladder, uterus in addition to the prostate. Contracting as well as relaxing these muscles enables you to control bowel movement. For women particularly, it allows them to control sexual intercourse. Pelvic floor disorders in women force one to contract their muscles instead of relaxing them. As such, an individual may experience difficulty while having a bowel movement. If not treated on time, pelvic floor dysfunction may lead to discomfort and colon damage.


Understanding Pelvic Floor Disorders


It’s vital to visit a doctor to confirm your symptoms. Your doctor will review these symptoms before determining the right treatment. Since pelvic floor disorders affect more than 200 million in the world, donors, researchers and scientists have partnered to make it possible for them to access treatment. Marc Beer, the serving CEO of Renovia Inc is one such individual who has invested in the development of various drugs to help women with dysfunctional pelvic floors.


Who is Marc Beer?


Marc Beer is prominent for transforming startups into successful companies that have robust financial dockets. Mr. Beer recently chaired the obtaining of $42 million channeled toward the biotechnology startup he’s co-founded. Throughout the fundraiser, Marc Beer has made it clear that the funds, raised through a series of venture debt funding will be utilized in developing diagnostic technologies that will be used to treat urinary incontinence in women. Besides, the funds will be used to create affordable medicine for the medical condition that has been affecting their muscle floors. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/marc-beer


Infusion of Funds to Raise Money


Raised through the infusion of funds from different companies that have seen the company accumulate funds from Longwood Fund, and Perceptive Advisers, the money will further be used to develop Levia, one of the drugs produced by Renovia Inc. The Food and Drug Administration has also approved this drug. The innovative proprietary technologies have harnessed data to develop health platforms for this cause. It’s the merger that will hopefully lead to the reduced overhead cost made for the diagnosis of urinary incontinence.


Contributing to The Development of Renovia Inc


For Marc Beer, such projects have majorly contributed to the development of various drugs for different health issues. Consequently, in 2016, he played a crucial role in uniting lead venture capital funds that specialize in the healthcare sector in order to fund the development of Levia. Following his leadership, Marc Beer has also successfully established other firms in the past including ViaCell, where he was the CEO. The company focused on the research of umbilical cord stem cells. Marc Beer is a famous business developer who has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


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Graeme Holm, co-founder of Infinity Group Australia, is an MBA with seventeen years of experience in financial services. His experience in the financial services sector has helped him identify what strategies work and do not work for his clients. Holm’s goal is to maximize outcomes for each of his clients and a large part of this strategy is to reduce the amount of years it takes for his clients to pay off their debts. In particular Holm has found it useful for clients to focus on repaying their home loans as quickly as possible. An average Australian will usually take up to thirty years to repay their home loans. With Holm’s advice and strategies it is possible to payoff a home loan in seven to eight years. Holm helps clients budget their fiances in order to accomplish this goal by eliminating wasteful spending and depositing excess money into a transactional loan account. By making a few simple changes Holm’s clients have seen great results.


Holm regards himself as a coach to his clients and views financial health similar to the way he views physical health. Holm makes it a habit to wake-up early and exercise. He then takes the time to let his body rest and stimulate his brain through reading or listening to informative podcasts. The regimented style that Holm uses in his personal life is similar to the regimented style of financial advice he provides for his clients. The discipline to wake up early on a daily basis and exercise is the same type of discipline that is necessary to follow a budget and avoid unnecessary purchases.


Graeme Holm believes that his success isn’t solely due to his efforts. Holm credits collaboration with those he works with. Ideas tend to work better when they come out of a collaborative process, as opposed to solely coming from a single person. A collaborative process allows the idea to be fully vetted and explored from angles that a single person may not be able to. Suggestion boxes are another tool that is regularly utilized at Infinity Group Australia to make sure that all ideas are fully explored. In addition to collaboration Graeme Holm credits a customer service focused mindset as one of the reasons that Infinity Group has been so successful. Products are designed with the customers in mind, which creates a positive experience for the customers and a desire to continue using Holm’s services. Learn more: http://brokerbusinessexchange.com.au/conference-schedule/