According to an article published by NJ Biz, Several developments have come up in Newark City recently. There has been a shift from on structure at a time policy to several residential buildings. It is a system real estate investors are willing to take if it is what it takes to attract people to Newark. A conclusion shared by many attendees of the recently conclude Newark CRE summit, which is an event that highlights real estate developments in Newark. This event is usually attended by leading real estate investors in New Jersey.

Speaking at the event, a group of industry insiders noted that Newark now has what it takes to offer a market and provide a variety of options to potential residents. This is a strategy that has worked New Brunswick and Atlantic City by providing choices and private capital. According to the panelists, the city has been unable to reach its potential due to the difficulties in completing the projects. This has not dampened the spirit of the investors for hey are now rearing to go more than ever.
According to Boraie Development vice president Wasseem Boraie, the city now has over 5 mega class ‘A’ projects with thousands of units which are under construction. This is an encouraging indication unlike the past where officials of the city relied on one mega project expecting it to unleash Newark City’s potential.
Boraie Development LLC has been in the forefront of transforming the real estate landscape of New Jersey. This is through the projects they have undertaken in different areas of the city. Their latest project has been a rental complex in downtown Newark. It will be one of a kind that has not been seen for a long time in the area. In addition to that, they are nearing the completion a project located in New Brunswick which is on Somerset Street comprising of a high rise residential deluxe.
New Jersey is now developing at a fast pace. Potential residents now have wide range of houses to choose from. It has also attracted more businesses to its cities.