September 20, 2016 · US Money Reserve · (No comments)

Philip Diehl, former Director of the U.S. Mint and current President of U.S. Money Reserve was recently interviews on Entrepreneurial Podcast Radio about his times at the organizations. During the chat with podcast host Pat Dye, Diehl revealed his accomplishments and the current state of affairs.

Diehl is considered a formidable leader and one of the best U.S. Mint Directors to ever hold the position. He was responsible for implementing several new programs and the overall transformation during his tenure.

One of the most important services he added to the mint is issuing the U.S. platinum coin. He is also the inventor of the 50-state quarter program. Customer service also received a complete overhaul to give buyers more confidence in the programs. “This was something we had to do,” said Diehl. “The program was pretty backwards and in need of an upgrade.”

Customer service is the staple of every good company, according to Diehl. It was his six-year commitment that put the U.S. Mint on par with the top companies in the world. Once he met his goal, it was time for a new challenge.

Diehl took over duties at the U.S. Money Reserve with the same goals. The largest provider of precious metals in the U.S., the reserve implemented a program to help customer build lasting wealth into retirement.

With gold prices on the rise, people are looking for something tangible when they retire, according to Diehl. “U.S. Money Reserve provides what people need to live in comfort when the decided to stop working.”

The financial benefits of owning precious metals are too many to count. People all over the U.S. rely upon the U.S. Money Reserve to help them diversify their assets. Diehl has installed a first-rate team of numismatic professionals who know every aspect of the stock market. Their knowledge and experience is well beyond the industry standard.

Diehl says he is on the cusp of implementing additional programs to help all types of investors. He has built a long-standing relationship with many customers by earning their trust. Diehl says as long as they continue to deliver, the U.S. Money Reserve will remain a viable option for precious metal buyers.

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