With nearly 500 vineyards in Wales and England covering more than 4,500 acres and making sparkly and still wines, the UK is indisputable the top wine producing region. Top UK Vintners have scooped distinguished accolades due to their ability to deploy to the market incredible wines. On an annual basis, the UK alone deploys to the market a whopping 5 million bottles of exceptional wines.

Top UK Vintners and Merchants

  1. The Vintners’ Company

This company has been operating since 1363, and it marked its 650th anniversary in 2013. The firms is made up of more than 500 Freemen as well as Liverymen. The origin of the Vintners’ Company (https://www.vintners.co.uk/) is profoundly rooted in the history of London city. At one time, the company controlled the import and sale of wine. It still maintains close ties with the UK Wine Trade. The firm continues to make a tangible difference in the 21st century through its strong commitment to trade, philanthropic initiatives, social responsibility, and trade.

  1. A&B Vintners

The A&B Vintners is one of the influential UK vintners that started its official operation in 1998. John Arnold, who currently serves as the general manager, is responsible for establishing this winemaking giant. It supplies wines originating from Austria, Oregon, Germany, and France. This Kent-based company stocks wines, ranging from red, sparkling, white, to rose.

  1. Highbury Vintners

Highbury is debatably one of the most respected UK vintners. The company has revolutionized the wine industry due to its ability to deploy unique wine brands into the market. It stocks more than 1300 unique types of wines. This merchant has managed to create a strong online and offline presence. Highbury Vintners (https://www.highburyvintners.co.uk/) emphasizes on quality and mostly acquires wine from small-scale producers such as family-managed wineries. It has diversified its pipeline of products by stocking a broad spectrum of microbrews, beers, and ciders.

  1. Farr Vintners

This company has transformed into one of the world’s top fine wholesale over the last 35 years. It has provided fantastic and affordable deals to its private and trade clients. It has reduced its operational cost by embracing low profit business model operating on a quick turnover plan. This wholesale specializes in the high-grade wines of Bordeaux. It also offers a creative selection of the best wines from every part of the world. Farr Vintners allows its client to pay for their wine purchases online. Overseas customers who are in need of instant delivery must pay by bank transfer.