April 25, 2017 · Wall Street Bull · (No comments)
  1. The statue of a girl who looks defiantly at the “Wall Street Bull” in New York may stay on her pedestal until February next year.


The “Fearless Girl” statue has inspired many people and according to Mayor Bill de Blasio, has stimulated conversations about the role of women in leadership positions. As he states, the decision to leave the play is perfect for a girl who refuses to give in.


The statue, which is on Department of Transportation land, will be licensed to stay there through the Department’s art program, The Daily News reported.


The statue of the girl, with her hair tied in a tail and with the dress waving in the wind, was installed in front of the famous cattle a few days ago. It has become a tourist attraction and a phenomenon on the internet.


Originally his stay was scheduled to end on April 2. It was supposed to be a temporary exhibition to encourage corporations to put more women into their directories, but got so much attention and became so popular that an online petition was created to ask New York City officials to leave it there.


The new arrangement of both statues, the challenging girl in front of the horns of the bull, completely  transformed the meaning of one of the best-known public works in New York. The bull – 3.3 feet (11 feet) high and 3,200 pounds (7,100 pounds) – has been hugely popular in its own right. It was placed in a median of Manhattan traffic following the 1987 stock market crash, as a symbol of the financial resilience of Americans and their spirit that anything is possible, but some followers of the Bronze Girl already see the bull in a very different way.


The change in the perception of the bull – from the national hero to the villain of sorts – outraged the Italian sculptor who created him: Arturo De Modica, who had expressed his desire for the statue of the girl to leave.