The water crisis in the city of Flint, Michigan has been in news headlines for months, but now the city faces another potential crisis. The city is currently without trash and waste removal.

The city of Flint failed to renew the contract with its previous waste removal service provider, Republic Service, leaving garbage to accumulate at the curbside. Mayor Karen Weaver issued a statement regarding the matter.

“Right now, we ask that residents forgo placing their garbage at the curbside,” Weaver said. “There will be no trash removal effective until further notice, beginning Monday, August 1.”

The latest contract was not renewed, as per Mayor Weaver. The reason behind the move has not been made public.

The city of Flint has been plagued with extreme problems in regards to city utilities and services. The now notorious Flint water crisis first became public in 2014 when the city switched its main water supplier. Officials were told that to maintain the water supply from Lake Huron the water would require minor treatment. The Flint River was known to be corrosive, as early as 2010. The water utility layout of Flint features home and businesses that use lead pipes. The water corroded the lead pipes and contaminated the water supply. The lead levels in tested water samples exceeded the acceptable standards imposed by the EPA.

City officials hope to have waste removal service reinstated before Monday, August 8.