December 9, 2017 · Denver, Weather Temperature · (No comments)

Denver saw a record temperature today. On November 27th, there was an 81 degree temperature in Denver. The last record for the 27th of the November was in 1950, and this year was seven degrees higher. However, it also broke the record for the highest temperature in November in general in Denver.

The funniest part about all this is that although Monday was really hot, and people were spending time outside as if it were in the middle of the summer, the temperature is expected to plummet Monday night. In fact, it is expected to be in the 30s, and even more than that, there is a forecast of snow.

A cold front has been spreading in areas around Colorado. Snow has been falling in the surrounding states, such as Utah and Wyoming. This means that people will have to quickly change their clothing and don coats and thermal underwear. This new heat wave and above normal temperature was started on Thanksgiving, when the temperature was 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Snow is not expected to accumulate in Denver. However, in the mountains, 2 to 4 inches of snow is expected. In Denver itself, there will first be rain, but it will snow after midnight. As for the rest of the week, temperatures are expected to be around normal. After the rain and snow, the rest of the week will be dry and the temperatures are expected to be in the upper forties and lower to mid fifties. That is the normal temperature range for this time of the year in Denver. However, so far this month, temperatures in Denver have been around 6 to 7 degrees higher than normal.