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Nutrimost is a health and weight loss company that is dedicated to giving its clients an all natural weight loss experience that is good for their overall health and not just their physical appearance. The company uses the Nutrimost Resonant Frequency and other all natural means to help treat their client’s entire body. The program is guided by professional physicians. These factors, combined with the great success that they have found many of their clients, are the reasons that the company has seen so much success in recent years. They are also the reasons other companies may be targeting the company for their own gain.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

They say that one of their rival companies, Pennsylvania-based Healthy Living, stole a promotional video off of their website to use for their own gain. The video on the Healthy Living website does have almost the exact same content as the original video. There are few minor changes. The most obvious change is that the new video changed the main marketing slogan. They probably thought that this would be enough for the act to fly under the Nutrimost radar, but it wasn’t.

People have seen some great results with the Nutrimost plan. Many people are losing a pound a day in the beginning phases of being on the diet plan. These are some great results considering the plan doesn’t use any medication. This is another reason that others may want to use the company’s model for themselves.

Nutrimost is suing the Pennsylvania company for $300,000. They say that this amount will cover the damages to their reputation that they have suffered as a result of the video theft. They are also seeking an order from the judge that says that the company cannot use any of the content in the video in any shape or form on their website again.

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