April 8, 2016 · What to Buy · 1 comment

Makeup is supposed to be fun. As kids, girls would color pictures to make girls have vivid purple lips and midnight blue eye shadow. Then the moment came when a girl was FINALLY allowed to learn the secrets of makeup, she was presented with her mother’s bland palette of neutral flesh tones and pale pinks. Worse, she had to learn how to blend makeup to make it that she wasn’t wearing any. At that moment, makeup became a chore.

In 2008, entrepreneur, Doe Deere, created a makeup line for people who believed that their face was their canvas. The Russian-born, New York-raised designer created a vegan makeup line that featured vivid lip and eye color.  Lime Crime gives all people the freedom to express themselves beyond their imagination.

As a child, Deere experimented with colors creating a palette beyond a 196 count Crayola crayon box. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipstick is liking taking your favorite crayon color and wiping in across your lips with a bright opaque pigment that was not your mom’s subtle pinks. Bright yellow, vibrant orange and rich mint lips are possible with Unicorn Lipstick. The fun isn’t limited to the ultra-pigmented lip line. Lime Crime’s Velvetines lipsticks make sparkly denim colored lips a reality and give you copper lips that outshine pennies. Eyes are given the same pigmented treatment. Lime Crime’s Venus palettes provide unique matte and shimmering hues that would make Ziggy Stardust proud.

Aside from feeling awesome to be themselves, Lime Crime customers on Pinterest can feel great about supporting an altruistic company. Aside from manufacturing vegan, cruelty-free products, six charities that support young women and animals. That is five more charities than the average mass produced makeup line supports!

Lime Crime is the makeup that allows you to be the vibrant being you imagine you are. Lime Crime puts the fun back in makeup. Let your face be your canvas and your imagination be your limit: visit them on Twitter today.