Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the internet today. To get featured on Wikipedia helps a lot in gaining better online presence for you and for your business or for whatever purpose you make on the internet. It makes you more credible and provides you with more opportunities to get viewed by many users.


Advantages of Having a Wikipedia page


  • Good online reputation


  • Direct advertisement with no expiration


  • A great number of views


  • High page ranking


However, it is not easy to make a new Wiki article. There are a lot of obstacles and hindrances before your desired Wikipedia page gets published for the public to see.


Bureaucracy in the Wikipedia Community


Wikipedia is an open source community managed by the so called volunteer editors. Unlike personal blogs which you can freely publish without any review, your Wikipedia article will have to go through these volunteer Wikipedia editors for reviews. Usually, these editors reject and sometimes criticize a contributor. There are also times that they even block a contributor or even another editor when disagreement takes place.


A similar instance happened, and the story was featured in an article published in Tech.Mic discussing Wikipedia site’s abuse problems. It talks about editor abuse in the site and the presence of bullying within the Wikipedia community. It only means one thing: it is not easy to get through the process of publishing your own article on Wikipedia.


How to get onto Wikipedia


If Wikipedia page creation is a headache for you, you can hire some Wikipedia writers that take the headache out of creating a page for yourself. GetYourWiki is a third party Wikipedia consultant service provider that offers professional consulting on creating, editing, and updating your Wikipedia page.


It is a company of Wikipedia publishers that offers experienced-based consultations on Wikipedia’s best practices. Aside from expert advice, the company provides monitoring service that ensures the content is not maliciously edited by other volunteer editors elsewhere. In addition, the company also offers Wikipedia revision and translation if you prefer to have another one in a different language.




Wikipedia is still a powerful tool to create a very good online presence and it will continue to be in the future. Problems such as editor abuse, bureaucracy, and disputes within the community are just normal. Nevertheless, there are still people who are in the business of going through all these obstacles towards Wikipedia edits on your behalf so you can avoid all such hassles.