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United Kingdom Vintners, otherwise known as UKV PLC, is a company that has a team of fine wine consultants who advise their clients on wine and champagne choices for both drinking or as an alternative investment.

UKV PLC, which is a privately held company headquartered in Croydon, Surrey, can source wines and champagnes from many supply chains so they are able to obtain wines that other suppliers do not have access to. The company also has a showroom in London where their clients can meet the staff face to face. Alternatively, the company can send a wine consultant to the clients home or business location if that is the client’s preference. UKV PLC also offers a brokerage service for clients to sell bonds that hold investment-grade wine.

UKV PLC offers a storage service through London City Bond which provides a controlled climate of humidity and temperature at optimal conditions for the long-term storage of wine. The wine consultants at UKV PLC can also, free of charge, provide clients with a valuation of their wine collection. The valuations that they offer are based on things like current global demand for the wines, current local availability, and international availability.

Among the types of wine that UKV PLC offers for sale are Italian, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Spanish, and Champagnes. Some of the investment grade wines they sell include an Ausone 2000 for £11,800.00, and Haut Brion 2009 for £6,950.00, and a Lafite Rothschild 1982 for £37,500.00.

UKV PLC maintains an active page on Facebook where they share news and tips about wines and champagnes. One of their recent posts shared an article on the top 5 French wines. Another post shared a news story about how the Canadian government is supporting The Wine Square which is wine storage equipment that uses clean technology.

Prominent in a very exclusive arena, the field of rare wines, the well known Antique Wine Company works to share knowledge about fine vintages with the public. The subject of vineyards and exceptional lines of wine often arouses strong opinions; the Antique Wine Company celebrates the tasteful aspects of an historic, sophisticated tradition.

The Success of the Antique Wine Company

Founded by British wine sommelier Stephen Williams in 1989, the Antique Wine Company rapidly gained a reputation as a premier designer of collectible vintages. From its headquarters in Central London’s Marylebone District, the company maintains an exclusive collection of premiere vintages, wine gathered from many previous generations as well as current years.

Unlike many other beverages, wines often remain in storage for long periods of time. Exceptional years from prominent vineyards reportedly may appreciate in price over the course of time, as these vintages grow more difficult to locate. The Antique Wine Company gained success by selling the rarest types of fine spirits and by seeking to inform members of the public about these products.

Some Impressive Records

The Antique Wine Company maintains a Wine Academy to educate students about the subject of wine collection and fine wines. The company also often sends representatives to conferences and other public events involving the wine industry. A long tradition of locally significant vintages exists in many countries, including a number of European nations. Located in the United Kingdom, the Antique Wine Company enjoys proximity to many of the best vineyards in France, Germany, Italy and other European countries.

In recent years, the firm has sometimes set records during auctions of fines spirits. As a unique, special and highly collectible gift item, a rare vintage often commands attention in elite auction venues.


Given the firm’s success and the undeniable popularity of historic vintages among investors on a global scale, it seems likely that the Antique Wine Company will continue to make contributions to the field of rare wines for many years into the future.