Wisconsin National Guard, activated by Governor Scott Walker, is assisting the Milwaukee Police handle outbreaks of civil unrest over the weekend. The unrest in the Sherman Park section of Milwaukee is in response to a shooting incident involving an armed assailant and a Milwaukee police officer. After meeting with Milwaukee Mayor Thomas Barett, Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. asked the Governor for the National Guard deployment.

Calmness prevailed over the troubled neighborhood Sunday morning, after an evening or arson on businesses, automobiles, and sporadic gunfire. As dawn broke Sunday morning, residents and onlookers roamed around and drove by the intersection of North Sherman Boulevard and West Burleigh Street.

Adding to the crowd of the curious, volunteers arrived to clean up litter and building debris from the civil unrest. Many crossed into cordoned off areas by the police and were then escorted quickly out of the fire damaged service station. They resumed collecting trash throughout the surrounding blocks.

Mark Hale, stopped his vehicle and started picking up trash on his way home from work. He commented, “Instead of being part of the problem, I wanted to be part of the solution, I figured if I started picking up trash, other people might do the same.” A lifelong city resident blames the arson on jobless outsiders. An ardent support of the Milwaukee police department, Hale has four children, three of which are in law enforcement.

Edward Flynn, Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department, identified the armed assailant as Sylville K. Smith, age 23, at a Sunday press conference. The shooting, recorded by an officer’s body camera, shows a gun in Smith’s hand, pointed at the officer.