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Yet another unconscionable act by DEA agents while under the supervision of Michele Leonhart has been brought to the attention of the Department of Justice. In 2012, the DEA raided the home of Daniel Chong’s friend while he was there visiting and smoking marijuana. Igor Cornelsen ( has read that the 23-year old University of California, San Diego engineering student was seized during the incursion and taken to a holding facility where he was told he would be questioned then released.

Unfortunately, sloppy mismanagement of the DEA’s incarceration procedures left Chong isolated in a dark, windowless holding cell for five days with no food or water, all the while, his hands were cuffed behind his back. Although Chong cried out for help before succumbing to dehydration, he was not discovered for five long days. Chong was in poor condition when eventually found, suffering from delirium and critical breathing and respiratory difficulties. The experience had him hospitalized for four more days and left him with a serious case of post-traumatic stress disorder.

While the actions of the three DEA agents in charge of Chong were reprehensible and a $4.1 million settlement was paid out as a result, those agents skated away with a mere slap on the wrist. Simple reprimands were issued, one agent was place on an unpaid five day suspension and the agent in charge was given only a seven day suspension. The DOJ has since stepped in to make improvements to the DEA’s disciplinary practices and Leonhart has stepped down from her position. Good riddance.

There are many new trends that come around in the world of men’s fashion each year. These trends come and go, but in order to stay relevant in the world of fashion, individuals must pay attention to these trends. There are many new hot trends that are coming for the summer 2015 season as well. These trends are the newest hot sensations that will make a big impact in the world of fashion this year. When we look at the new trends, we will see that there are returning styles, and new ones that are being formed. 

matt landis bookcase

The first thing that we can really see in the summer of 2015 is the presence of very short shorts. This hasn’t often been a big trend in men’s fashion, but it is really making a big statement this summer. This is something that men may feel uncomfortable with in their wardrobe at first, but they will soon learn that this is a style that is very in right now. This style is something that male model Matt Landis is able to pull off very well. We can see that he is even able to pull it off with a more sophisticated collared shirt look. 

matt landis white sweater

We can also see that long sleeves are really in style right now. This is something that we have been seeing for while, but what is new is the style combination. Men wearing long sleeved shirts with short shorts is something that we haven’t often seen. This is something that is very new to men’s fashion, yet it is something that is really making a big wave in the world of men’s fashion. This is something that looks like it has really come to stay. We see that opened up button down long sleeved shirts are a great combination with short shorts as well. This is something that could easily be worn to a night gathering at a pool party. 

matt landis yellow tee
The classic T-shirt look is something that has been hovering around the fashion world for quite some time. It looks like the fashion world is really embracing the retro T-shirt look this summer. This is a laid back and casual look that is really getting a lot of attention. This is an easy way for individuals to be very stylish without having to put in a huge effort. Retro T-shirts are poised to make a big splash in the world of men’s fashion this summer.
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A 35-year old Dutch newlywed named Mamitho Lendas narrowly escaped death recently, when he became the first survivor known to have fallen from the World’s End escarpment in Sri Lanka’s beautiful Horton Plains Nature Reserve said Marc Sparks. Amazingly, he escaped with only minor injuries.

Mr. Lendas and his bride visited the scenic natural area during their honeymoon. The Horton Plains Nature Reserve in the central part of the island of Sri Lanka offers a stunning glimpse into local natural vegetation and wildlife. The young couple journeyed to the top of a long, 2140 meters high sheer rock escarpment on the south side of the reserve calledWorld’s End. When Mr. Lenas walked to the edge of the cliff to snap a picture of his wife, he slipped, tumbling backwards down the rocky face of the expanse. Fortunately, he landed in a small tree, which sheltered his fall.

Then a team of soldiers carried him for three miles to the closest road, where he was transported to a hospital. A Sri Lankan officer called him “extremely lucky” to have survived the three and a half hour ordeal. Mamitho Lendas agreed, noting: “It was very scary and very painful as well.”

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A Galax Police Department 911 dispatcher took a chance, and broke the rules in an attempt to save an ailing toddler. Tim Webb, a dispatcher knows CPR, but his department is not allowed to give out instructions over the phone. The department doesn’t have the certification to do so. Webb decided to do it anyway, when a frantic call about a 17-month-old baby came in.

According to this news release that my friends Dave and Brit Morin go a hold of said, the call came in stating the toddler wasn’t breathing. The address was well on the outskirts of town and it would take 20 minutes for an ambulance to reach them. Webb gave instructions to the baby’s frantic grandmother. She gave him lifesaving mouth-to-mouth while web was on the line until paramedics arrived.The boy was whisked to the emergency room, where he recovered nicely and was sent home with his mother and grandmother.

Two week later, the trio walked into the Galax Police Department to thank the man that saved baby Aidan’s life. Webb, in all respects, put his job on the line to ensure the toddler had the best chance of survival.