Jose Borghi is the founder and CEO of Mullen Lowe Agency, formerly known as Borghi Lowe. As one of the most prominent advertising of the medium, Jose is the creator of some high-profile campaigns like Mammals Parmalat. In this Ad, children appeared dressed like stuffed animals. They sang unforgettable jingles that are still remembered to date.

Jose Borghi was born in PresidentePrudente. He got his degree in advertising from PUC-Campinas. The success story of Jose began as a shadow of doubt: not knowing what career to pursue. During his third year in high school, his sister called to invite him to a performance at Castro Neves Theater. The presentation was a TV commercial that got awarded in Cannes. It was from this presentation that Jose figured out what he wanted his career to be, but he hardly predicted that he would one day earn a Lions Cannes.

As a copywriter by training, Jose got his first job in Standard Ogilvy in the year 1989. He later worked in other leading agencies including Talent, DM9 / DDB, FCB and at Leo Burnett where he was President of the company and VP of creation.

Jose Borghi left Leo Burnett in December 2002 and together with his partner, Erh Ray, founded BorghiErh. With no banks, no investor and no godfather, the two had to work really hard.

The success was enormous, and the company was later bought by Lowe in 2006 and became the Borghi Lowe. The two partners divided the presidency! The agency grew further and gained footage in domestic as well as international market. The recent merger between Mullen Group and Lowe & Partners gave birth to Mullen Lowe, with Jose Borghi and André Gomes becoming co-CEOs.

Jose Borghi, the Brazilian Advertising who is also a marathoner, acknowledges his ability to be persistent and go after what he craves even in adverse situations. At an early age, Jose had already realized that nothing comes by mere luck or fate and that he had to put in more effort in order to succeed.

Since his early career, Jose has been in charge of major campaigns including the ones for Honda as well as other large companies including Unilever, Electrolux, Leaf Group, Bunge Group, American Express, Delta Airlines, Coral Paints and many others. Both campaigns have won him local and international awards. Jose has also been crowned, “Advertiser of the Year” award by an ad agency in the Columnists São Paulo.


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