The release of the new track is just what Chainsmokers have been anticipating. It has been a while since the Chainsmokers duo landed such an excellent breakthrough on their releases. The new hit track features the band’s current star, Halsey. However, the contribution of Andrew Taggart in the song is a major achievement for the band in this particular release. Together with Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart forms the Chainsmokers duo. The combination of the two personalities in the electronic soundscapes makes singing more worthwhile.

The band aims at customizing their brand name and bringing about their acknowledgment as real artists who have excellent skills in expressing their ideas. The duo is working towards unleashing their great skills each day. The move is unique as compared to the common trend where some artists just prefer to perform behind big music drops. At an important interview, the two cited issues surrounding their new track. Additionally, they touched on their career fulfillment as well as future plans for their extensive audience in the industry.

According to Alex Pall, he owes the success of his music career to the DJing passion from a young age. He would spend most of his time as a DJ around New York City. It was at one time when he was at an art gallery when he decided to pursue dance music. In this line of work, Alex’s manager at that time Adam Alpert introduced him to Andrew in 2012. Since then, their journey together has been fruitful.

On the other hand, Taggart had a great passion for DJing and electronic music. His presence was a perfect match for Alex’s career. The music ambitions and future goals of the duo acted as the driving force towards realizing their dreams. It was also vital in establishing themselves in the music industry. Alex Pall adds that his impeccable marketing skills and connections in securing DJ gigs were quite helpful in the band’s brand establishment. Moreover, Andrew’s production expertise greatly enhanced their success.



Pall cities that being a DJ duo and performing in the electronic pop music genre is quite fulfilling but at the same time challenging. Establishing a strong brand name in the highly competitive market requires absolute hard work and commitment. Nonetheless, he notes that what matters is the quality work released to the customer at the end. Pall also insists on the value of differentiating themselves and setting a gap between other brands in the market. The Chainsmokers seeks to perform on the basis of their terms and purpose not by what others are offering in the industry. The duo has bagged several prestigious awards in the industry which is a solid proof of their many milestones.

It cannot be denied already that one of the most successful EDM bands or producers in the country today is The Chainsmokers. It’s hard even to understand, analyze or study the growth of EDM today without mentioning this duo composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. One of the many stories, features and reviews that define how much success that The Chainsmokers has enjoyed lately is found in It is there that people could learn the state of relevance of the duo. It is there that people can realize that despite moving on to new acts, the debut album of the duo called “Memories…Do Not Open” is still going strong. It is still garnering enough powerful support to be able to get a No. 1 Ranking in the Billboard Charts today, in the Dance Chart category.

The Forbes article also added that this achievement marks the duo’s ranking of being a powerful team that’s able to sustain powerful growth. It marks the duo’s ability to produce full-length albums that still rank No. 1 after a year of initial release. The album debuted in the Top Dance/ Electronic Category in the Billboard 200 and since then has dominated the Top 40 Radio rankings of many radio stations. It is also confirmed that while the album didn’t stick in the Top 200 for too long, it has consistently remained in the Top 5 for the Top Dance category of the Billboard.

Recently, The Chainsmokers is facing a lot of competition. New acts from artists like Odesza, William Control, Kygo and Above and Beyond have been released to compete with the music created by the duo. However, it’s still accurate to claim that despite such competition, the duo still emerges strong. They often relent, but then they come back to the top, staying No. 1 up to today.

About The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is an EDM production crew composed of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Some of their popular, viral and Top 100 Billboard Chart songs include “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Roses” and “Something Just Like This”. Their fantastic debut was in 2014, where their single #Selfie swept the music scene of many countries.