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The educational world has been taken a storm by the incredible app Classdojo. Classdojo is currently being used by at least one teacher in ninety-five percent of elementary schools in the United States. Classdojo gives teacher a unique platform to create a positive classroom culture while also staying connected to parents and students. The application is now looking to make a leap forward with some recent changes.

Classdojo’s new addition is known as ‘ClassDojo Beyond School.’ ClassDojo Beyond School is a program that includes several new features. The application is focused on providing techniques to help children deal with everyday challenges. These techniques include reflection, meditation or mindfulness. Co-founder and CEO Sam Chaudhary believes that students have many opportunities for learning experiences outside of the classroom. Even just a few minutes a day with these techniques could be very beneficial.

There are numerous other features packed into this new app. Parents will find it helpful to use the videos that are included with the application. These videos guide students in helping teach their children these new techniques. Parents also have the ability so assign children points similar to the behavior incentive system that already exists.

For students there are a number of great additions in ClassDojo Beyond School. Kids love the avatars that already exist within the app. Now they have the ability to create and design their own avatar. Students can now send videos as a reply to a message within the app.

ClassDojo’s success during its seven years of existence has been amazing. Their new subscription service is already in place and the app will be released to everyone early next year. With this newest upgrade ClassDojo appears set for continued success for many years to come.

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