July 4, 2018 · Act of Kindness

CJ Mullinax is a South Carolina police officer. He received a call from a Hardees in Horry County. People were complaining that there was a homeless man there who was begging for scaps.

Officer Mullinax did not remove the man from the restaurant. He bought the man a meal instead. Fast food employees had been feeding the man for days. Customers decided to call 911 and complain. Victoria Paige Summer recorded the encounter on camera. She stated that she was happy with the amount of compassion that the officer had. She was also happy with the fact that the officer brought the man a meal.

The video has been viewed over 90,000 times. Many people have applauded the officer for not kicking the man out of the restaurant. The homeless man is a veteran named Donald. He served in the Army from 1979 to 1981. He worked in the construction industry after he got out of the Army.

Donald ended up homeless after falling on hard times. His family does not talk to him. Locals say that Donald is a good man. This is not the first time that Officer Mullinax has been recognized for doing a good deed. He was seen playing football with neighborhood kids back in 2015. This was also caught on video.

Several people have stated that Officer Mullinax is a good man. They have stated that Officer Mullinax shows that police officers are not just there to protect. They are also there to serve the communities and people.

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