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It doesn’t matter what corner of the globe you’re at, many of us are obsessed with beautiful makeup and the hot trends that develop from creative minds like Doe Deere’s.


The former Russian native had always been attracted by vivid colors and fantasy figures as a young girl. Even at a pre-teen age, Doe Deere had an entrepreneurial spirit and sold temporary tattoos to her classmates.


Now, the pretty cosmetics guru has taken her Lime Crime brand to the young and beautiful in London. A recent item in the Stylist reported that the CEO and founder of Lime Crime was collaborating with popular Feelunique in the capital of the United Kingdom.


Feelunique x Lime Crime Pop Up Shop debuted in late April, and beauty customers are loving the uniqueness of Lime Crime makeup with its fiercely bold color palettes, fairy-like glitter and iridescence and cosmetics that seem to stay on for the entire day.


Doe Deere told the Stylist that her makeup has become in some ways a cult favorite. Her grunge eyeshadow kits, the Venus Palettes, are a fine example of this. There are now four of these Venus kits, and the newest one is the Venus 3 Palette. It’s sexy, strong and fun to collect, and this sequel contains lots of purple/pink passion and power in mattes and shimmers. It’s girlie in an elegant grunge.


Eyeshadows can be tricky purchasing, but women are drawn to Lime Crime’s formulas because they have gorgeous depth, glide on like silk and come in cool-looking textures. These shadows are quality-made and don’t crease or trickle down the cheeks.


Doe Deere has become a master at budge-proof makeup, and that’s a huge plus that makeup wearers demand. Lime Crime’s famous Unicorn and Velvetines lipsticks are the original liquid/matte formulas that come in a striking variety of shades that stay put once the lipstick glides on your lips.


Plushies is another fabulous lippy that creates a softer focus on color with the lip plumpness that women crave. British women are enjoying Lime Crime’s sheer lipsticks in shades like Milk Tea, Cola, Rosebud, Gum Drop and Smokey.


Another reason people fall in love with Lime Crime makeup is based on a purely ethical matter. The makeup brand has always been vegan and cruelty-free, and strict organizations like PETA and the Leaping Bunny have given their seal of approval and certification to Lime Crime cosmetics.


Doe Deere remains active in everything beautiful and becomes inspired by the street. Social media also plays a key role in defining new trends and welcoming in unusual makeup alternatives.


Lime Crime dares to be different, and that’s always a good thing. Learn more: https://bellissimabe.com/missing-doe-deeres-unicorn-collection-crime/

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