February 1, 2019 · Doctors, Plastic Surgeon

You may already know that Dr. Jennifer Walden is an Aesthetic plastic surgeon who owns and operates a successful practice in Austin Texas and New York City. She is also a devoted mom to two twin boys. However, what you might not know is that like most successful people who are in business, Dr. Jennifer Walden has an Instagram which is full of amazing things.

One of the things you can see on this social media platform is a copy of MD Monthly where Dr. Jennifer Walden is on the cover. This cover photo is from an article where she tales about her new MedSpa in New York City. Another selection of interest is the Austin monthly top doc pic for 2019 where Dr. Jennifer made the grade. Dr. Walden was selected by her peers to be one of the top doctors.

You can also see some of the work that Dr. Walden does. There are photos of the doctors at work without all the gore that you may expect in a surgical situation. For example, these photos show the doctors working together but you can’t tell who the patient is or see any blood from the process. Photos like these are important for so many reasons and this is the perfect photo for Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Instagram account.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also shares photos of her family pet and her two boys who are the joys of her life. It is great to know that a person like Dr. Walden posts so freely on her Instagram account because it shows how loving and caring of a person she is.

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