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Dr. SaadSaad is highly venerated in the field of medicine, thanks to his vast experience and training. The now retired pediatric surgeon boasts over 45 years working experience. Recently, Dr. Saad held an interview with Blogwebpedia and discussed many things, among them his motivation to become a physician and most important life lessons. With a focused mindset, the good doctor believes anyone can achieve whatever they set out to accomplish. He encourages any individual looking to achieve success to avoid targeting anything less. Using his own example, DrSaad said he set out to become a pediatric surgeon during his high school years. While visiting his brother in Kuwait, the heat wave brought emanating from the hot summer took its toll causing him to fall sick and faint. DrSaad eventually decided that outdoor labor or activity wasn’t something he wanted to do.


Interestingly, the hot Kuwaiti summer is what inspired him to become a medic. DrSaad came to the US as a Palestinian refugee and followed through his dream to become a surgeon, and not only that but one who is innovative, successful and experienced. He also appreciates his father for the guidance and the discipline he instilled in him. Dr. Saad’s second life lesson is a resolution that says, do not postpone an accomplishment or task to a later date if you can complete it today. Having lived by this rule, DrSaad decided to make the most out of each day while observing strong work ethics. When he immigrated to the US, DrSaad’sfirst set his sights on becoming a US Board Certified pediatric surgeon. He knew this was not going to be easy, but was fully committed. With hard work, Dr. Saad became the only board certified pediatric surgeon in the US in the mid 80’s that was fluent in English and Arabic.


Upon graduation, DrSaad took up a pediatric surgeon’s job offered to him by the Saudi Royal family. He came back to the US and spearheaded a number of innovations, including overseeing minimal surgical procedures in children. Under his watch, over 2,000 children benefited from the program. A Healthgrades overview offers a detailed summary of Dr. Saad’s academic background and practice. The pediatric surgery has been operating out of Eatontown in New Jersey for over 30 years, specializing in thoracic and pediatric surgery. After his undergraduate studies, DrSaad went to the Cairo University Medical Hospital and graduated from the Medical School in 1971. He completed his first hospital residency in 1979 at the Medical University of South Carolina. He followed this through by completing his fellowship hospital at American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons in 1984 and 1989 respectively. Learn more:


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