November 23, 2017 · Politics and Giving

A recent article posted in the Huffington Post pointed out the ease of which a foreign national could circumvent the U.S. election laws regarding the use of money to support or defame a candidate. The use of foreign money in U.S. elections is strictly forbidden, but that did not stop, according to activist investigators, Russia from using upwards of $100,000 to buy more than 3,000 political ads as well as employing hundreds of social media bots to heavily influence the 2016 presidential race in favor of Donald Trump. The extent of the alleged meddling is not yet known, nor is it known the overall effect both short term and long term that it had on the American political landscape or the democratic process of the United States in general.

It is this type of supposed election manipulation and government misconduct that End Citizens United is dedicated to preventing. ECU is a Political Action Committee, which stands by the idea that every person in the country has a right to an equal voice in how the country is governed. ECU believes that true democracy is based on one person, one vote, and that the size of a person’s bank account or the level of influence they have should not allow them to have more of a say than any other person. The group is dedicated to a wide range of causes which support the idea that under the American way of life, all citizens should be able to have confidence in their democratic process. As such ECU is committed to concepts such as campaign finance reform, sensible and common sense gun control law reform, campaign transparency, increased election security and oversight, and the reversal of the broad-ranging power that ultra-conservative right-wing politicians have been able to wield in Washington thanks to the efforts of Citizens United.

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In the 2016 presidential election ECU believes that the power of the American vote was diluted by activities which were allowed to exist because of groups such as citizens united. The unfair practices that were used must be stopped before the upcoming 2020 election, and ECU is committed to making sure that they are. ECU hopes to not only educate Americans about the manipulation that took place by Russia and the influence that illegal Russian money had on the 2016 presidential race, but to also get behind candidates that will be vying for important seats in Congress and the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections who are committed to bringing an end to such activities in the future and restoring to the American people the power of their voice and their vote.

End Citizens United is outraged by the discoveries of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, as should all Americans be. The ability for a billionaire to use his business and social connections to gain the favor of a foreign government who was able to use loopholes, backdoors, and underhanded tricks to cheat the American people out of their right to a fair and impartial election is unforgivable. End Citizens United is committed to taking action and helping to ensure that such injustice never happens again.

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