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Athleisure is the current fashion trend on that everyone is loving. It stems from the idea that gym clothes, meaning leggings, sweats, and even sports bras, are now deemed acceptable and stylish clothing options worn sans workout. That being said, it is nice to imagine the trend also serves as a reminder and opportunity to take that last minute run or indulge in a post-work yoga routine if need be. Whatever it is, comfortable clothes is on the rise and with it have emerged several athletic wear companies. One company that seems to be leaping along with legging craze is Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson’s newest venture.

Launched in 2013, Fabletics is one of the few celebrity owned athletic companies that seems to have predicted the future stability of the athleisure trend. They have also pioneered a successful internet based retail business in a market that is mostly saturated by brick-and-mortar stores. Hudson has said that her goal in creating the company was to provide everyday women with an affordable, stylish line of athletic clothing. As the brand has grown, she’s demonstrated her commitment to that mission by expanding sizes and refiguring clothing options to create a truly all-inclusive clothing brand.

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Just like any trend, popular styles, colors, and fabrics change throughout seasons. Hudson and her team at Fabletics have made it easy to keep up with the revolution by providing customers with must-have looks and fashion advice. They also provide helpful tips on exercise for those looking to really put those breathable fabrics to the test. Visitors to the website will even be offered an individually curated outfit after filling out a brief survey about their personal fashion tastes on Twitter. Since the line currently features hundreds of different options, this is often the best way for someone to venture away from the safety of black leggings and try something new. You can also visit the site for some ideas.

Those who’ve found the line early on have discovered the added bonus of the VIP club, which serves as a sort of frequent fliers discount for athletic clothing aficionados. Membership of Fabletics is free but allows customers to purchase an entire outfit for around $40. The only catch is that the outfits are automatically generated each month, so if a customer doesn’t want one, they need to opt out of the purchase in the given window of time. However, for that price, we aren’t sure how customers are willing to miss out!

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