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On Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018, a family in Los Angeles was given $1.6 million in a bedbug case. This was the largest amount of money awarded to a single family in a case pertaining to bedbugs. The money was awarded by a civil jury in a court in Alhambra.

In 2010, the Martinez family lived in Inglewood’s Kahala Islander Apartments. For months, they were exposed to bedbugs. The one who suffered the most was a baby named Jorge Jr. There were bites all over his body. The baby would constantly scratch the bites, which resulted in scars. This greatly stressed out his family.

As the bedbug problem persisted, the Martinez family complained to the people who managed the apartments. Management advised them to throw out every single piece of furniture. It took months for the bedbug problem to go away.

Jorge Jr, now eight years old, still has the scars. His family is setting aside some of the money that they were awarded to treat the scars in the future. The legal professional who is representing the apartment building refused to comment on the case about the Martinez family.

The little boy’s family still lives in South Los Angeles, though they currently live in a different apartment.

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that feed off of the blood of warm-blooded mammals. The word “bedbugs” is misleading because they can be found anywhere in a dwelling. They are very versatile in terms of where they live. Bedbugs are especially notorious in highly populated urban areas. Bites can be very itchy, which is the reason why Jorge Jr. kept scratching himself in the Inglewood apartment. Bedbugs that are well-fed can live for about several months. Without food, a bedbug can live for roughly 70 days. These little creatures are a major cause of anxiety for many people.

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