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Felipe Montoro Jens, a stalwart in Brazil’s finance industry, boasts an impressive degree of enterprise and ambition. Following his extensive college career, Jens began cultivating an expansive set of skills, in turn finding success as a project consultant, infrastructure expert, and financial advisor. Though he’s versed in myriad realms, Jens is most prominently known for his expertise in infrastructure. Given Brazil’s waning economy, Jens often offers advice on how to repair the nation’s waning infrastructure along with the haphazard methods that precipitated the economic crisis. Over the course of his illustrious career, Jens has assumed various titles. CEO, administrator, chairman, and director are among a few. Check out to read full interview of Felipe Montoro Jens

Jens uses his vast industry experience to enhance many Brazilian industries. Some companies he presently works for and counsels include Empresa de Generación Huallaga, Marañon Energia, Concesionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2, and Fonte Nova Negocios e Participacoes. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, his unwavering enthusiasm enables him to achieve enduring success in his domain. What’s more, Jens states that he surrounds himself with driven, smart people who share his passion for entrepreneurial pursuits. Moreover, Jens doesn’t involve himself in what he considers unnecessary habits, including small talk and social media.

As a result, Jens remains focused on the task he’s endeavoring to execute. Though Jens abides by a stringent work ethic, one piece of advice he always carries with him is to “enjoy the present.” In fact, Jens urges budding businesspeople to bear this in mind as their entrepreneurial journey unfolds. These days, Jens strives to remain ahead of the curve. By employing his pioneering thinking, Jens intends to do just that. Also, Jens states that reading “curious” news is a sure-fire way to avoid growing stagnant. Both insightful and inspiring, Felipe Montoro Jens is a tycoon of immeasurable merit.



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