July 7, 2018 · Gamecocks

For the past few seasons, one of the more interesting teams in college football has continued to be the South Carolina Gamecocks. In this time period, the team has continued to be led by head coach Will Muschamp. While he had a difficult first year in which he won just six games while losing seven, he continues to show a significant amount of promise and progress as his team improved its record significant than last year. Last year, the team was far more competitive in the SEC and finished with an overall record of 9 wins and 4 losses. This also included a very big win against the University of Michigan in the Outback Bowl.

While football fans have been taking notice of the improvement in South Carolina, so have recruits and the team now looks like it will continue to be very tough to deal with in coming years (https://247sports.com/Article/South-Carolina-Gamecocks-moves-into-Top10-of-247Sports-Composite-Football-Recruiting-Rankings-118602845). While the football program should have a pretty good set of freshmen joining the roster for the 2018 season, it now appears that they could have one of the best freshman classes in school history of the following year. At this point, the South Carolina Gamecocks 2019 freshman recruiting class is ranked number 7 in the country and it recently received a significant bump by signing a few big recruits.

One of the biggest recruits that the team was able to sign was Zach Pikkens, who is a very talented defensive end that also had a number of offers from top programs including Clemson and Georgia. Another top player was defensive back Jahmar Brown who is from Fort Lauderdale and reportedly had received more than 20 full-ride offers from some of the top programs across the country. These players should be defensive cornerstones for the franchise for years to come.

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