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Graeme Holm, co-founder of Infinity Group Australia, is an MBA with seventeen years of experience in financial services. His experience in the financial services sector has helped him identify what strategies work and do not work for his clients. Holm’s goal is to maximize outcomes for each of his clients and a large part of this strategy is to reduce the amount of years it takes for his clients to pay off their debts. In particular Holm has found it useful for clients to focus on repaying their home loans as quickly as possible. An average Australian will usually take up to thirty years to repay their home loans. With Holm’s advice and strategies it is possible to payoff a home loan in seven to eight years. Holm helps clients budget their fiances in order to accomplish this goal by eliminating wasteful spending and depositing excess money into a transactional loan account. By making a few simple changes Holm’s clients have seen great results.


Holm regards himself as a coach to his clients and views financial health similar to the way he views physical health. Holm makes it a habit to wake-up early and exercise. He then takes the time to let his body rest and stimulate his brain through reading or listening to informative podcasts. The regimented style that Holm uses in his personal life is similar to the regimented style of financial advice he provides for his clients. The discipline to wake up early on a daily basis and exercise is the same type of discipline that is necessary to follow a budget and avoid unnecessary purchases.


Graeme Holm believes that his success isn’t solely due to his efforts. Holm credits collaboration with those he works with. Ideas tend to work better when they come out of a collaborative process, as opposed to solely coming from a single person. A collaborative process allows the idea to be fully vetted and explored from angles that a single person may not be able to. Suggestion boxes are another tool that is regularly utilized at Infinity Group Australia to make sure that all ideas are fully explored. In addition to collaboration Graeme Holm credits a customer service focused mindset as one of the reasons that Infinity Group has been so successful. Products are designed with the customers in mind, which creates a positive experience for the customers and a desire to continue using Holm’s services. Learn more:

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