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Infinity Group Australia is an innovative firm that works with its clients in the areas of wealth creation, debt reduction and property investment among other areas. The company takes a lot of pride in providing its clients with more than what they would get from the average financial institution. Infinity Group Australia works hard to provide its clients with guidance in an ongoing manner to help them ensure their financial success.


The unique process that is employed by Infinity Group Australia is a huge part of the reasons that the firm has been able to make a huge difference in the lives of so many clients. The dedicated team members at Infinity Group take the time to meet with clients in order to help them to develop weekly budgets, among other areas. This is in line with what Infinity Group Australia’s Director Graeme Holm really sees as the overall vision for the firm. This is to provide critical ongoing guidance throughout the client’s overall loan process. The results of this process have been quite impressive, to say the least. Infinity Group’s loan clients average seven to ten years for repayment on loans that have thirty-year limits. This client wellbeing approach has paid off greatly for Infinity Group Australia as evidenced by the countless satisfied customers.


Graeme Holm is the founder and Director of Infinity Group Australia and the driving force being the firm’s client-centric approach. Graeme was inspired by the idea of creating a process that could change the lives of families across Australia by making sure that they got the best deals possible in terms of home loans. Graeme Holm’s original idea behind Infinity Group was to support the full cycle of a client loan through continued support throughout the entirety of said loan. A lot of what Infinity Group does could be considered financial coaching.


The company culture at Infinity Group Australia has also been a huge part of the firm’s successes. Graeme is passionate about the concept of collaboration. At Infinity Group, employees are encouraged to share their ideas and also encouraged to collaborate with other professionals in the financial industry. The company has also found that this mentality is highly effective in being able to implement business strategies in a quick and efficient manner. The fact is that Graeme Holm is an entrepreneur that has caught on to the fact that the concept of financial consulting is one of the fastest growing business sectors today. He has really been able to capitalize on this trend with Infinity Group Australia. Learn more :

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