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Graeme Holm is an individual who has firmly established himself in the financial industry. He is a well accomplished person across several sectors including finance, real estate and financial planning, with a total of 17 years of experience. At one point, he learned of the poor loan dealings in his home country of Australia and sought to change the system. This was the inspiration behind Infinity Group Australia. The website Inspirery recently conducted an interview with Graeme Holm to learn his business approach.


It all began when he observed clients returning with poor mortgage results after just 5-7 years. Graeme Holm knew that was not financially healthy for any client, so he began to fight for better loan deals for clients. After months of research and test runs, Graeme Holm and his partner opened their doors to the public. He cites fees and commissions for successful jobs as the main sources of revenue for Infinity Group Australia. Naturally, it took time to build up a reputation and a stream of clients. It took 3 years before the business began yielding a profit, and they have never looked back since.


Over the years of running the business, Graeme Holm describes a few incidents that happened. He mentions employees who were not devoted to their cause, in addition to false claims they were running a scam. However, they never stopped him and his partner. He goes on to describe how the first customer was sent to them from a family member. That person is still a client to this day. Social Media has also been extremely beneficial in getting word out about their existence and connecting with clients. His desire to never give up has been the backbone to the entire business.


There are few businessman who can channel their passion into a career change. Graeme Holm recognized an issue within his community, and took it upon himself to fix it. Infinity Group Australia was created around the idea of every client coming out with the perfect loan. The business has proven to be successful, and will continue to attract clients will into the future. The company boasts its high consumer satisfaction reviews. Learn more: https://about.me/graemeholm

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