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Virginia and its capital city, Richmond, are not usually a center stage attraction for national political news; however, the upcoming Presidential Election 2016 provides some interestingly unique observations.

A recent Washington Post article:“Kaine Watch: Obscure Virginia Law Allows A Daring Move” is well worth anyone’s reading time. This August 9th news item contributed by Norman Leahy and Paul Goldman focuses on Tim Kaine and a lesser-known portion of Virginia’s election code. One sentence cited reads that “{n}o person shall have his name printed on the ballot for more than one office at any one election.”

In light of the aforementioned Virginia statute,it should be noted that Tim Kaine’s name will appear on Virginia voting machines as both a Democratic United States Senatorial candidate as well as for Vice-President of the United States.

While Tim Kaine is appearing with Hillary Clinton in cities and towns all across the USA as her vice-presidential running mate, he is still up for reelection to the United States Senate
from Virginia.

This leaves Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe is in a rather precarious position. It appears that Kaine has never officially resigned from his US Senate seat. During a recent interview, Kaine implied that should the Democratic party lose the presidential election, returning to his senatorial duties would not be high on his bucket list. Without official sanction by Kaine, McAuliffe is not in a position to appoint someone in an interim capacity to assume Kaine’s responsibilities on Virginia’s behalf until after election day.

A second crux of this situation regards the “A Daring Move…” portion of the article’s title. In the court of public opinion, the jury is still out relative to whether or not Tim Kaine has knowingly used this obscure code to ensure that Virginia’s 13 electoral votes remain in the Democratic realm.

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