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James River capital Corp is a company located in Richmond, Virginia, and deals is an investment firm. The firm became independent in 1995 when it was acquired by Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders. The firm has been registered with the Securities Exchange Commission as an investment advisor. It has also been registered with the CFTC as a commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator. James River capital Corp has won numerous awards some of them being the global fun awards 2015 and the Investors choice awards 2015. The company gives advices to organizations in different areas. One of the advices it has given is on ways to improve the leadership styles.

To be a leader requires one to have the right skills to manage a team. However, there are things that a leader has to so as to make a difference. There are effective leadership skills that every leader should have. However, by only making certain changes a leader can make improve on their leadership style.

Encourage escalation

One of the things that a leader needs to do is to embrace escalation. Employees usually hold their feedback and do not tell their employers what they are really thinking about. When workers feel that they are going to be in trouble by reporting an issue, they prefer to withdraw their opinion. However, it is not possible for a company to grow without transparent communication with employees. Thus, it is necessary to fro leaders to have psychological safety so that employees feel safe to approach them.

Put everyone’s opinion into consideration

A leader’s job is to support his team. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of any obstacles that make employees hold back. Leaders can do so by ensuring that employees get a chance to speak their mind during meetings. To do this, a leader has to make a list of everybody who is attending the meeting. Marking against the names of those employees who speak will enable the leader to know the people who speak consistently. A good leader will encourage the team members who are quit to give their input. A leader needs to ensure that everyone is comfortable so that they can open up. Employees will be more productive when they know that their opinions are valued. Learn more:

Support the team and not just leading them

An effective leader will not just lead his team but will support them. Most leaders only support their team and do offer the support need to become be productive. Interacting with the team members makes a great impact on an individual’s leadership styles. A leader can change many things by one changing their approach. Additionally, having a different view of their role can make all the difference.

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