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The James River Capital Corp is an independent investment firm, founded in 1986 by Paul Saunders, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Kevin Brandt, President and Co-Founder. Their firm provides management and advice in commodity trading and investments. The James River Capital Corp believe that skilled management has the potential to improve productivity by using their knowledge and skills.


In their blog, dated September 28, 2017, it discusses ways to improve leadership in companies that will make big differences for employees and leaders of these companies. They use examples of Facebook and Google that have implemented these recommendations in their companies. Changes in leadership styles, while small can make the biggest impact across the board. Strategies for leaders should start with a critical mentality shift from the word “lead” to “support”, which will change interactions with their teams. Transparent communication with employees improves innovation and collaboration. Most employees are hesitant to dialog with bosses for fear of getting in trouble. By supporting employees instead of leading, this changing concept will ensure and encourage employees that their concerns, challenges or suggestions will be addressed without reprisal or ridicule. Leaders should show appreciation for employee input and encourage all employees to provide by providing opportunities to voice their concerns. Learn more:


The blog also suggested that during meetings, employees should be encouraged to speak and voice their opinions or suggestions. A list of who contributes should be maintained so that it will provide leaders with the names of the people who do provide input. This will help the leader to encourage those employees who are afraid to speak up during these meetings and provide their valued input into how to improve productivity and morale. Documenting employee input with help leaders to determine what areas of their organization that need help or encouragement. A concerned boss is greatly appreciated far more that one who ignores employees. A happy employee is a productive employee. By supporting instead of leading, leaders can ensure employees that their opinions are encouraged and welcomed and will improve the overall function of the group and organization for the better. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn

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