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If you own a business, it is likely that by now you understand that profit is not the only thing that a business should be interested in. It is now important for businesses to focus on corporate social responsibilities. Corporate social responsibility is meant to health businesses to engage in ethical and sustainable operations. Through CSR, a company should be able to engage in activities that bring positive social and environmental impact. Factors such as the community environment and human rights should be given the necessary weight. Although it is not a legal requirement, it is a standard practice that allows companies to build their reputation. One of the businesses that seem to understand the importance of CSR is JD.com.

JD.com is the biggest e-commerce business in China. The company as listed among Fortune Global 500 and NASDAQ- 100. It was started in 2004 by Richard Liu. This company has embraced cutting edge technology that is used to bridge the gap between the organization and the consumers. In a recently released CSR report, JD.com has shown some of the accomplishments that it has made since 2013. This is a report that is full of great achievements that the company has made in enhancing sustainability, innovation, and empowerment. The company indicates how it has designed all its operations to meet the goals of sustainability as well as creating far-reaching impacts on the environment.

JD.com has a program known as Green Stream Initiative and Recycling Program that aims at reducing waste and emissions. This program is not only meant for JD.com but also the people who consume their products. Through this program, JD.com has established a link between consumers and the organization, which can be used to make donations. Any consumer willing like to donate products can decide to donate them through a reliable and transparent process created by JD. The CSR report also indicated that JD.com is committed to the accomplishment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It is taking steps that will lead to poverty alleviation, responsible consumption, and the provision and utilization of clean energy. The organization has also set up infrastructure that supports the activities of different charity programs that promote poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and environmental protection among others.

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