On the blog entitled “Newsom Thing Was Going On”, I have read this article about Joseph Bismark being spiritually grounded as a businessman. When it comes to the business world, spiritual would be the last thing I would use to describe the corporate world. As a matter of fact, I have found that most businesses are all about making money. A lot of businessmen tend to be rude to people who are somewhat less fortunate. The different levels of leadership are very obvious due to the power trips and the politics. Reading about Joseph Bismark has been refreshing to me.

Joseph Bismark is a rare type of person. He has risen to the top in the corporate world while staying true to his beliefs. I have found that many businessman tend to shed their beliefs as they rise up. A lot of it could be due to the pressure that one goes through as he takes on new responsibilities. There is also the chance of dropping their spirituality for corporate gain. However, this is a different issue all together.

Joseph Bismark has undertaken the demanding task of establishing a business. He has maintained an optimism and a willingness to deal with the challenges that come with the establishment of a business. He has gracefully worked through the challenges and has established one of the most successful businesses. One good thing about “The Gem Collection” author  is that he is able to use his success to teach people how to become grounded. He also shows people the value of humility and treating others as equals. He is not self seeking. He also would not put others down just to make himself look better. He is a spiritual leader that recognizes the value in everyone. He takes the spiritual lessons he has learned from a young age and applies it to every aspect of his life.

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