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If anyone told you that coffee could help you live longer what can you do? Probably you will start drinking coffee like crazy. In recent studies published in the scientific journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, it has been proven that coffee has a connection to reduced risk of dying from some diseases such as stroke and heart disease. There have been ongoing studies concerning the health benefits and limitations of coffee.

In one study comprising over 185,000 Americans it was proven that whether you drink caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee, your risk of dying of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke or kidney disease is reduced. The study involved African Americans, Latinos, Japanese Americans, and Whites. Visit to know more.

The lead author of the study Veronicah W. Setiawan said that coffee is good for everyone regardless of their race. According to the study, people who drank 2-3 cups of coffee each day their risk of dying was decreased by 18% compared to those who did not take coffee at all during the 16 year research period.

In another European study, they sampled over 520,000 individuals from ten different countries, and the results were consistent with the other study. It was discovered that those who took coffee frequently had a lower risk of death than those who did not take coffee. However, the studies were unable to pinpoint how and why coffee these health benefits. For consistency, researchers had to separate nonsmokers from smokers and other factors that would have affected the results. Follow Organo Gold on

In case you have been wondering what are the benefits of coffee and how you can live longer and healthier, then coffee is the solution for you. Order your premium coffee from Organo Gold maybe you will have the best taste of coffee for longer. Don’t die earlier when you have the solution of living longer and healthier.

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Organo Gold is a global marketing firm which specializes in premium coffee and tea. The company strives to help people reach their health balance and well-being through an array of premium products.

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