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When hurricane Harvey hit Texas several times in 2017 many people lost their homes, possessions, pets and over sixty people lost their lives. The charitable response was fast and generous. Texas-based MB2 Dental was there as well, donating money, food, clothes, water and more to the victims of Harvey. The goal for MB2 was a $100,000 in cash and material donations, and they just about hit that goal. MB2 Dental was effected by the hurricane as well, with 25 of their clinics and over 200 of their 1,000 employees being hit by the hurricane. With some of the MB2 family being effected in such a way it was an easy decision for the company to make to help out.

With clinics and employees not only from Texas but also from Louisiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, Alaska and Oklahoma giving to the charity it took barely a month to reach $83 thousand. The largest donation was a $15 thousand donation by MB2’s founders. Founder and CEO of MB2, Dr. Chris Villanueva, stated that the company may have its ups and downs in terms of profit but he feels that what defines MB2 Dental is the charity work they do, how much they give back during times of crisis. He expressed pride in the employees who donated, saying his “work family” had really stepped up to help each other and the other victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey was the most powerful storm to hit Texas in more than 50 years. A category 4 storm, the hurricane not only hit Texas but went back out to sea and came back twice, for three total landfalls in the state. With over 15 trillion tons of water dumped on south Texas, the flooding kept causing damage after the storm itself had finished. Damage estimates for the state could top $180 billion according to the governor. It was a record breaking storm, hitting some of the areas that had not yet recovered from Hurricane Katrina. While over a fifth of MB2’s employees were directly effected by the storm, none of them lost their lives, just possessions and homes.

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